We love our espadrilles and we know you do too! Casa de Vera's espadrilles are born from a magical fusion: the typical Venezuelan Andean espadrilles with a touch of new textures, colors and materials.

If you're as big a fan of espadrilles as we are, you need to keep reading this post!

What are espadrille shoes?

The esparto espadrilles or espardeñas in the Valencian Community, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands are also known as esparteñas in different regions of Spain.

Originally a type of comfortable footwear made of spun natural fibers with a sole of esparto grass or a mixture of jute and ram, which is secured by a simple tightening, a piece of elastic sewn to the fabric or with strings. They are mainly seen in Spain, in the south of France and in several areas of Latin America.

Thanks to new trends and the evolution of fashion, esparto espadrilles are not only made of strong canvas and jute rope soles. Different brands have bet on the offer of new products, giving life to new models with rubber soles or any vegetable fiber.

The espadrille is woven by hand in homemade triangular looms using wicker (cotton thread), combining different colors and are composed of the uppers (upper part that covers the instep and the front of the foot), heel (part that forms the arch of the heel) and the atadero (also called "correíta", which serves to hold the uppers to the heel).

As you can see in our online store and in our collection, there is a wide variety of types of espadrilles that we can classify in two ways: those that fit with straps and those that do not. We can also divide them between the traditional ones (flat) or the high ones (the new models that have a wedge). In Casa de Vera, of course, we offer infinite models that change in style and colour, each one exclusive to our brand.

Nowadays, we wear them for different social occasions and to combine with our spring and summer looks. But traditionally, they were part of many traditional outfits in Spain, where they were mainly seen as urban workers' shoes or even as shoes for soldiers. In both Argentina and Uruguay, they were worn by rural workers and gained such popularity that they became an infallible garment for both sexes.

In Colombia, espadrilles are part of the clothing of most of the traditional costumes, being in some cases made of fique or cocuiza and in others of leather. The inhabitants of the Orinoco River basin also make them in animal skin and call them "cotizas" or cocuizas.

In Venezuela it is a light and comfortable shoe, a classic of tropical fashion, very appropriate for the climate of the region, used mainly by the Guajiros, although the espadrille is also used in the region of the Venezuelan plains and in many rural areas of the country.

Although espadrilles are shoes for both men and women, a variety of borders, weave shapes and pompoms (like ours) in contracting colors can be added to differentiate them.

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Espadrilles trends for this summer

Espadrilles for women come in a huge variety of styles, each style more beautiful than the last. Below we'll show you where the trend is going this year and, of course, give you an exclusive "first look" at what's new in our Spring Summer 2021 collection.

Pinky Pink

Yes, it's a stereotypical woman... and yes, we love it! We are fans of pink in all its shades. We'll let you in on a secret: in our new collection, you'll see lots and lots of flowers and lots of color.

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Raw materials and earthy colors trend

In this new release, we offer a collection with three different worlds, three different angles. One of them - whose name we won't reveal yet - is inspired by earth, roots and jute. Viscose stands out among the materials in this collection.

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We love the espadrilles with colorful laces!

We know that the "straps" are a classic element of women's espadrilles. For this new season, we have decided to add colored laces to give an attractive and fun touch to our espadrilles and our wedge.

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As we see life in color, we could hardly resist the temptation to experiment with all kinds of tones: from the most sober to the most fluorescent.

A new platform

We're launching a new style of sports sandals, exclusive to this new SS21 season. Following the trend of the "chunky sneakers" worn by many in the urban summer, we have created our own version, our own "chunky espadrille".

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Sustainability is in!

Did you know that shoes can also be sustainable? Discover our new espadrilles with GRS-certified recycled cotton composite fabrics. We've become more and more involved in sustainable production and this year we're doing better than ever. Our platform espadrilles will help you walk in the world greener and more eco-friendly!

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We have written a blog about where to buy espadrilles for girls Go and check it out!

March 24, 2021 — Veronica Gonzalez Garcia

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