At Casa de Vera, we work to offer you products and services with the
greatest care, and despite this situation we do not want that to change, so we want to anticipate and try to answer some of the questions that might arise these days.

What measures are being taken for online shipments?

All orders placed through our website are shipped from a small warehouse where a strict security protocol has been established. The passage is limited, so that carriers and deliverers wait outside to pick up orders.

Shipping policies

In order to reduce exposure, shipments are made only on Mondays. The delivery time is 10-15 working days. Shipments are made with the company DHL, who like us, maintain a strict security policy to ensure the protection of their customers.

Return policy

We have made the decision to extend the return days, during the alarm state, from 30 working days after the purchase is made, to 60 working days after the order is shipped.

Customization of orders

My espadrille is not in stock, can I customize one that is on the web?

During the state of alarm we are offering the possibility of choosing espadrille bases available on our website, so that you can customize them with the pompom of your choice. To customize your espadrilles write us directly to