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The art of weaving is profoundly significant part of the Andean culture. An important legacy, it is taught by the elder generation of Andean women to girls at an early stage in life. For these women, weaving becomes almost a ritual in which the mythical and historical events that shaped the origin and destiny of their communities is shared and passed along the weaving techniques. 

Our iconic  footwear is a handmade espadrille characterized by​ a brilliant palette which brings rhythm and a vibrating harmony to the whole collection. Our collection consists of approximately sixty pieces among espadrilles, bags and hats adorned by ethnic​ ​patterns​ ​that​ ​strive​ ​to​ ​showcase​ ​our​ ​roots.



Passionate about Venezuelan and Andean culture, Casa de Vera rescued magical pieces that exalt the tradition and colors of this enchanting mountain range.

Casa de Vera seeks to highlight the work of Venezuelan artisans, who with great dedication and affection carry our traditions to the rest of the world. The craftsmanship of textiles, painting, dyeing and printing are the most common in the region.

CASA DE VERA began in early 2013 in Venezuela under the direction of its founders, Verónica García and Verónica González, mother and daughter.

Each piece of the collection is made of cotton and moriche palm, handcrafted in Venezuela and finally assembled in Spain. The espadrilles and accessories of Casa de Vera have become an ideal complement to any style.

Join us in this bohemian trip with these exotic pieces designed with love in Venezuela and carefully made in Spain! 

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